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Rothfuss to buy, give away Firefly

28 February 2011

Author Patrick Rothfuss, whose excellent breakout novel The Name of the Wind is some of the best fantasy I’ve ever read, has announced his intention to use the profits from his next book to help actor Nathan Filion buy the rights to Joss Whedon’s tragically abbreviated sci-fi series Firelfy—which itself ranks among the best science fiction to hit screens since Empire Strikes Back.

Apologies for the run-on sentence, but I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. This is possibly the best science fiction news of my adult life.

Fillion, one of Firefly’s stars, has previously said that if he only had the money he would buy the rights to the series, produce new episodes himself, and distribute it online. Rothfuss’s offer could easily make that happen.

My inner 13-year-old is giddy with nerdly excitement. Actually, my outer 27-year-old is too.

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