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A Word for Science celebrates the weird and wonderful things people learn about the universe and promotes critical thinking, rationality, and the scientific method. The blog is named for the fact that the fictional “Newspeak” language from George Orwell’s 1984, which is designed to restrict and control thought, contains no word for ‘science’.

Ted Burnham

Ted Burnham (Image by Derek Loudermilk)

Ted Burnham is a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in journalism at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Science has always inspired him because of the big ideas and infinite possibilities it offers. He has a knack for providing simple explanations of complex subjects, and for weaving information into a compelling narrative. He is an accomplished storyteller in all forms of media—from print, to radio and video production, to mobile and internet platforms.

Ted is currently a contributor (sometimes writer, host, and/or sound engineer) with How On Earth, the weekly science program on Boulder-Denver community radio station KGNU. He also manages the show’s website, podcast feed and Facebook account—all of which he created as a social media intern in Spring 2011. Ted’s video work has been featured on NewsTeam Boulder, the University’s online student newscast, and he is currently in post-production on an episode of the video podcast CU Science Update.

Ted holds a B.A. in philosophy from Bates College. He likes to ski, snowboard, play ukulele and cook—and he’s even good at some of those things.

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