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Space Ipsum – A space themed Lorem Ipsum generator

21 November 2011

Space Ipsum is the kind of mashup geekery that really appeals to me—space exploration, web design jokes, and language play all wrapped up in one.

Lorem Ipsum is the generic filler text that web designers use to create page mockups and test different layouts. Anyone who’s started a WordPress blog has probably run across it many times while browsing theme options. Variations of Lorem Ipsum have been around since the 1500s, when a typesetter adapted a passage from Cicero to use as dummy text. Sometimes the word order is scrambled; sometimes new words, real or made up, are added; but whether or not the original latin is preserved, to most people most instances of Lorem Ipsum look mostly like gibberish. (Most of this info comes from, where you can also find a traditional Ipsum generator.)

Space Ipsum takes a slightly different approach, drawing on various sources of stirring and historic prose about space exploration. It mashes up a variety of sources, randomized at the paragraph level, to fill your sample pages with inspiring reach-for-the-heavens rhetoric. I’ve recognized snippets from JFK speeches, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, and the transcript of Neil Armstrong’s first minutes on the moon—what else can you identify?

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