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Behold the wonders of Konapun—tiny, powdered “food”-making kits

8 March 2011

I’ve spent the last hour watching videos like this one from YouTuber RRcherrypie, who documents the process of making Konapun. It’s a line of Japanese toys which allow the user to make miniature, but not edible, foodstuffs using only water and the various powders and tiny, tiny implements each kit provides. Dishes range from ramen and dumplings to hamburgers and french fries.

Apparently there is a similar line of candy-making kits called Popin’ Cookin’ (sic), the results of which are edible—even off a naked lady! (NFSW)

Both products display some truly remarkable tricks of chemistry. They’ve recreated various steps of the cooking process in itty-bitty, nitty-gritty detail—the simulated deep-fat fryer has to be seen to be believed.

I was afraid that the ingredients would disgust and horrify me, but according to several bloggers the main component is sodium alginate, derived from seaweed. That doesn’t sound too bad! But there must be other stuff in there. Unfortunately, “konapun” is the only term in the universe for which there is not a Wikipedia entry, so the remaining formulaic mysteries will remain beyond my ken.

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